Le cute =)

Monday, December 15, 2008

WARNING: Overexposure to cuteness may result in high pitch shrieks, extreme euphoria, blushing, emit "Aww" sounds, and exploding heads. Please consult your psychologist before use.



Yeah... go out and annoy someone bigger than you today! =)

Nab's Barfday (Not so surprised)Party

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Your older now ! HAHAx ! Su Fern made a big a** cow card for Nab. Everyone else signed the card. I did my part =) its on the bottom right (below the cow face ^^)

Da boyz hangin out =)
from left clockwise: Colin, Tarunan, Hijaz, Poon, Wawan, Teoh, and ME!

We were all staring at Poon cuz he suddenly burped when the photo was being taken by Jade (i edit it to show our then expression xD )

This is wat the pic supposed to be, without Poon burping LoL
from left clockwise: Khe Chun, Zak(Nab's bf), Nab(birthday girl), Su Fern, ME, and Wawan(whose BLACK car spoiled the surprise XD )

Su Fern, Me, Colin

Can't rmb wat we were laughing abt =\ I think we were laughing at dat weird faced fella on my right XD. Even she laughed her backside off when she saw tis pic. LoL
We had quite a fun time celebrating. Although the surprise din work but whu cares?
we enjoyed ourselves ^^

MUSIC !!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I here to talking abt my obsession.

Take a guess.
Its somethin you do with your ears.
Somethin my ears can't get enuf of.
I'll break it up to you.


Music don't nid words.
Words only help it flow.

Everybody loves music.
Be it rock, techno, acoustic, pop or whatever...
The beat of life is forever.

The truth is I can't make music.

<-- If possible I would like to learn sumthin.

A little bit of something to satisfy my craze.

Hear me now,

I will be making music. The question is when
and what. It is inevitable. I will succeed.

Tattoo-ing !

Monday, December 3, 2007

Tattoos are freakin cool... Especially the Tribal Tattoos.

Example of Tribal-------->

I dun like those dragon, detailed, colorful tattoos. I like them BLack and WhiTe. Simplicity at its best =)

An awesome tribal dragon crest. The only dragon tattoo i find dat looks decent.

I wan to get my body tattoo-ed but its costly... Anyway I'm still looking for suitable designs so I guess by da time I collect enuf money, I've collected all the suitable designs.

Wish me luck! Better yet, give me da cash for da tattoos xD

APIIT Annual Year Gathering

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My partner for the night ^^. Too bad shes taken. Haha.

Heres the guys: Me, Lip Xin, Kah Hin, Cheen Ee and Heng Wai (almost forgot his name XD)

This is a photo after the dance. We're just snapping some memories to keep. A little exhausted but still standing.
[Akmal, Siu Hui, Me, some punjabi guy, and Shahidan =)]

To tell you the truth, not all the performance was entertaining. I fell asleep at some guy showing his slide show. ^^"
Average food... Lousy tracks... HIGH price. I don't think I'm going next year =P

Internal Struggle

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Everyone has their inner demons.
Some of us strive to keep them at bay.
Some of us let it all loose.
I pray that my sanity can contain this madness in me.
Suppress my urge...
Conquer it.
I hope I can be free from this insanity.
Free me from this addiction you call...